2015 Kgalagadi

The first unforgettable Kgalagadi trip!

Just after returning from our seaside December holiday, we made the booking for our first Kgalagadi trip! We were like children on Christmas Eve… Unfortunately we could only get 2 nights in Twee Rivieren and 2 nights in Mata-Mata. Bookings for September 2015 were already open for 3 months and knowing Kgalagadi fans,¬†this meant that most bookings were already grabbed a year in advance.

And so started the wait… and dreaming about the trip… and looking forward to it… and planning… and waiting.. dreaming… looking forward to it… and planning… You get the idea… Until the time eventually arrived for us to start packing our stuff, for Grandpa Ampie’s, Escap√©’s (our sturdy 4×4) and our first Kgalagadi trip!

Typical scene in the dry Kgalagadi Auob riverbed.

You can read every day’s happenings from our first trip to the Kgalagadi in the following daily posts. It has been written by Marietha, with input from Christoff. Photos were a team effort!

Day 1 – 2015/09/24 – Pretoria to Kuruman

Day 2 – 2015/09/25 – Van Zylsrus and the first arrival at Twee Rivieren

Day 3 – 2015/09/26 – Lioness and picnic at Melkvlei

Day 4 – 2015/09/27 – Twee Rivieren to Mata Mata… and the BIG catch!

Day 5 – 2019/09/28 – Birth of a Spring buck and the stand-off between the oryx and lions at Vaalpan

Day 6 – 2019/09/29 – Mata Mata up to Witsand’s roaring dunes

Day 7 – 2019/09/30 – Witsand to Deben

The stay over in Deben was the last night of the trip and it was with mixed feelings that we drove out of Deben the next morning.

It was a long road home, but we couldn’t wait to get home. At home waited the opportunity to page through the photos of the past few days and to recall everything we experienced.

What an experience! The Kgalagadi will definitely see us again!