2015 Kgalagadi – Day 7

The first unforgettable Kgalagadi trip!

Wednesday – 2015/09/30

And so dawn broke on the last day of our trip… We got up later and had two cups of coffee each while we waited for the leftover pap to heat up. Breakfast was leftover pap en wors. The morning air was cool and we had to put on a jacket when we went to have a look at the dunes.

The white sand dune at Witsand
Christoff and Grandpa Ampie – at the end of a wonderful trip

We continued on the dirt road to Olifantshoek and drove into the small town before long. We quenched Escapé’s thirst, while Grandpa Ampie went in search of biltong, which he with great success… Finely shredded Kalahari biltong.

The search for a lizard on the dirt road between Olifantshoek and Deben was exchanged for the faster tar road to via Kathu, so that we could stop for lunch there.

As we drove into Kathu, the longing to be back in the Kgalagadi surfaced immediately… The hustle and bustle of the mining town were more than we wanted to handle after the peace and quiet of the last couple of days.

We took a quick bite at the Wimpy and drove to Deben, where Aunt Nellie and Uncle Bill were waiting to be entertained by our tales and experiences in the Kgalagadi.

Uncle Bill’s wind mills in Deben

After a refreshing afternoon nap I stalked Uncle Bill’s wind mills from the garden and caught them on camera again… and again…

It was a cold night in Deben. We ended up with two layers of warm clothes where we sat around the fire… But we stayed outside and faced the cold, until it was time for dinner.

We devoured the braaivleis and Aunt Nellie’s fresh roosterkoeke and before long we were drifting off to dreamland.

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